Burger King Hours, Open and Close Hours [Updated 2024]

Burger King Hours is one of the famous fast food centers all over the world. People love to eat fast food from Burger King and always want to order when they feel hungry. The people find delicious food and plan to eat with their friends and families.  

Almost every Burger King is a franchise, and they all follow the company guidelines. There are major company guidelines, and the headquarters has set the holidays according to the local time, so the Burger King employees also get some rest from their work. This restaurant is always available for its customers. Whenever you have queries, you can contact Burger King customer care, and they will solve your questions as soon as possible. 

When you need to go to Burger King, you must know the store time to enjoy the food. If you do not see the restaurant’s time, you may waste your time after reaching the restaurant. So today, we will share Burger King Hours time with you so, that whenever you want to eat a burger or other fast food, you can quickly order by checking the opening and closing times. 

Burger King Business Hours

The Burger King Business Hours are different for every location, and you may see some changes in time slots according to the time and situation. So, today we will share the opening time of the Burger King Hours store on both weekdays and weekends. 

Burger King Hours


Burger King’s Regular Business Hours

Weekdays: The restaurant Burger King is open from 6 am to 1 am on weekdays. The time slot can change according to location. There are many areas where the restaurant opens from 6 am to 11 pm. So, you can verify your location and timing of burger opening by contacting Burger King via customer care.

Burger King Opening, Closing Hour

Weekend: The restaurant also opens on the weekend to serve the best services to its customers. So if you want to enjoy the fast food of Burger King even on the weekend, you can enjoy it. The restaurant’s working hours are from 6 am to 1 pm and the time depends upon the location and area. 

Burger King Special Event Hours

Burger King also has Burger King Special Event Hours all over the world. Do you know you may get some extra discount on the bill or some food may have offers like buy one and get one free? So, the special event hours benefit the customers, and they can buy some food items at low prices.

So, it would help if you waited for Burger King hours to get offers on your food. The Burger King Special Event Hours is the best time to give your friends and families a party. 

Burger King Holiday Hours

Above we have mentioned the working days, but you must want to holiday at Burger King. Burger King Hours tries to open their restaurant even on holidays or festivals. Burger King understands that hungry people do not watch holidays or weekends. So, the stores are open during the holidays. Yes, you may notice the change in working hours. 

Jan 1 New Year’s Day Sunday Reduced Hours
(varies by location)
Jan 16 Martin Luther King Day Monday Regular Hours
Feb 20 Presidents’ Day Monday Regular Hours
April 7 Good Friday Friday Regular Hours
April 9 Easter Sunday Regular Hours
May 29 Memorial Day Monday Regular Hours
Jul 4 Independence Day Tuesday Regular Hours
Sep 4 Labor Day Monday Regular Hours
Oct 9 Columbus Day Monday Regular Hours
Nov 11 Veterans Day Saturday Regular Hours
Nov 22 Day Before Thanksgiving Wednesday Regular Hours
Nov 23 Thanksgiving Thursday Reduced Hours
(varies by location)
Nov 24 Black Friday Friday Regular Hours
Dec 24 Christmas Eve Sunday Regular Hours
Dec 25 Christmas Day Monday Reduced Hours
(varies by location)
Dec 31 New Year’s Eve Sunday Regular Hours

If Burger King Hours is available 12 hours on regular days, then you can observe that the restaurant is open only 8 to 10 hours on holidays. So, the timing may change, but you can enjoy food during the holidays also. You must want to know the holiday hours so that you have visited our Website. So, the holidays in which you may observe a reduction in working hours of Burger King are:

Contacting Burger King to Verify Business Hours

You can contact Burger King Hours at any time to verify the business hours. You can also ask queries related to Burger King offers and other details through a customer care executive. 

Phone number: you can contact Burger King by calling them at their contact number. The number is 18663942493.

Mail: if you want to solve your queries by mail, you can send mail to the headquarters address of Burger King. You will get a response from Burger King as soon as they receive your parcel.

Burger King Operation Hours

Email: you can also contact the customer care executive with the phone number. You can be sent an email to Burger King anytime and from anywhere, but you will get a response only during working hours. 

Social media: today is the new generation’s time, and everyone is used to social media. You can also see the details of Burger King through your social media account, but if you don’t get the idea, you can contact Burger King with the help of your social media account. You can contact them via Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

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